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Software Features
  Dogs & Litters
  Create dogs and store complete dog details including name, status, breed, microchip, and much more
  Automatically calculate heats and get notified of upcoming heat cycles
  Easily generate medical records and share with potential buyers
  Upload dog photos to store online and share with potential buyers
  Upload and store any related files including pdf, doc, and excel documents
  The comments tab allows you to attach and track notes for each dog
  Receive SMS and email alerts for any due or upcoming appointments
  Store the purchase date, sales date and price information for each dog
  Build litters with your created dogs and create profiles for the puppies
  Easily generate medical records for each puppy in the litter
  Store buyers and rights information for each puppy in the litter
  Test mating for genetic determinations of coat color and more
  Search for pedigree through thousands of dogs in our continually growing database

  Post puppies and dogs for sale directly to puppydogfinder.com
  Advertise your kennel contact information, details and ekennel website link in our public breeders directory
  Opt in to receive text and email notifications for any newly posted wanted ads by buyers seeking a puppy or dog
  Chat directly with interested buyers via our integrated messaging system

  eKennel Website
  Build your personal eKennel to share dogs, litters and more with potential customers
  Page analytics to easily track page views, visitor location, visitor source and more
  Choose your own ekennel username for a personal experience
  Create dog and litter galleries with unlimited photo storage
  Personalize your home, about and contact pages with your own words and layout
  Enable or disable your eKennel for public access
  Automatic inclusion into BreederCloudPro search for online eKennels (when available)

  Create contacts and store information including address, email, social media, and more
  Build custom categories to more easily filter and manage your contacts list
  Create and store notes for each contact in the comments tab
  Upload and store any related document files including pdf, doc, and excel
  Upload, store and share images files for each contact
  Build invoices for sending to buyers as well as store each invoice per contact

  Financial & Invoicing
  Build invoices for dogs and puppies to view and send to potential buyers
  Automatically calculate taxes and totals as you build
  Attach each invoice to a contact in your Contacts list for easy filtering
  Print PDF documents from your created invoices and send to potential buyers via email
  Manage income and expenses including graphs for easy overview
  Automatically calculate profits and view in chart with income and expenses
  Export income and expenses to a csv for easy viewing/editing
Cloud-Based Performance
No installations & Automatic Updates
In the cloud means no hassle with software installations or updates and no more worry about the security of your data.

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Smart Dashboard
Smart Dashboard

Easily view upcoming litters & predicted heat cycles

Receive text and email notifications for upcoming medical appointments and self scheduled reminders

Advertise Your Kennel
Post puppies & dogs on puppydogfinder.com
Easily post puppies and dogs for sale, chat directly with interested buyers and advertise your kennel in our public directory

Sell Your Dogs on PuppyDogFinder
eKennel Website
eKennel Website Builder
Create & share your personal website
Easily build your eKennel website to display dogs, litters and more that interacts directly with the management software. Includes page view analytics

Pedigree Builder
Search or create your own
Search through thousands of dogs in our continually growing database or create your own pedigree and print to a shareable pdf file

eKennel Website Builder