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Meadow Jul 11, 2019 Jan 03, 2020 -23 Days
Aspen Jun 29, 2019 Jan 13, 2020 -13 Days
Autumn Jul 14, 2019 Jan 17, 2020 -9 Days
Brook Jul 11, 2018 Jan 28, 2020 2 Days
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Nov 06, 20190-60 litterSafeguardYesWorming
Nov 29, 20190-60 litterNobivac DappvYesVaccine
Nov 29, 20190-60 litterSafeguard YesWorming
Dec 01, 2019Cool KIds LitterSafeguardYesWorming
Dec 01, 2019Cool KIds LitterNobivac DappvYesVaccine
Dec 08, 2019Cool KIds LitterPrantel YesWorming
Dec 08, 2019Cool KIds LitterToltrazuril YesWorming
Dec 15, 2019Cool KIds LitterSafeguardYesWorming
Dec 15, 2019Cool KIds LitterNobivac DappvYesVaccine
Jan 07, 2020Cool KIds LitterNobivac DappvYesVaccine
Jan 07, 2020Cool KIds LitterSafeguard YesWorming
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Picture Day Wash PuppiesDashboardOct 04, 2019
Clip NailsDashboardOct 31, 2019
Buy FoodDashboardNov 08, 2019
Take puppies in for hernia repairDashboardJan 08, 2020
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Brooks Next Litter
Judy Neil 1st pick Solid Brown Female.
2nd male pick Suzi Johnson.
Phantom Wish LIst
Melissa Conway deposit on small phantom
Donna Klein full color male Large
5th pick make ro 4th female on next phantom
John from oklahoma want to visit to pick out a puppy. Solid Brown
Small Standards
FB Link https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009068. Solid Black Show Breeder
Willow River Pairing
2nd pick. THey already own a past puppy. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=88100039919
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Goode Life Poodles
Subject: Chevy
How much? Where are you located? Very interested in this one My phone is 555-666-777...
2 months ago
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