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This is our beautiful girl Autumn.  Autumn has a beauty of grace but don't let it fool you.  She loves to scout and swim whenever possible.  She is 23 inches at the withers and 60lbs.
Dee Dee
Dee Dee is our German klein girl that we imported.  She is 15 inches at the withers and 15lbs.  She is a very sweet and mild temperment that just loves to be hugged on.
Miss Willow!  Our beautiful black tuxedo.  She is an UKC champion and has 3 legs towards her grand.  She is 24 inches at the withers and 58lbs.
Wesson is our German mini and I would venture to say the most intelligent poodle we have ever had.  Out smarting us is a daily occurrence with this gal.  She is 12 inches at the withers and 12lbs.
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