• Its the Goodelife!

    Standards, kleins and minis are our world. Please don't hesitate to ask us any questions about our program. We love to share any knowledge and info we have about this beautiful breed. We are the Goode family and everything about our poodles is anything but just goode. In 2012 we were a family of 7, chickens. ducks. rabbits, a bengal and a savannah cat. Sounds complete right? OH NO! It was at that point that I (Lisa) started convincing Daron we needed a poodle. Daron and our two boys love to hunt and fish. Did I really suggest a poodle for our family? He just could not wrap his mind around a poodle being a good fit with those fancy hair cuts. Today, not only does Daron sing their praises, but you would have a hard time convincing him there is anything better than a poodle. Has gone from turning his nose up to the fancy haircuts to grooming, preparing, and showing them in the ring. It is fair to say, they have stole his heart and ran with it!
  • What to expect with a poodle

    A poodle is a graceful and proud dog. They are a happy and cheerful breed and sensitive to tone of voice. When working with a poodle, a firm voice, not harsh is imperative to achieve success. Poodles are NOT outside dogs and thrive in a home among their family members. A poodle is generally calm and inactive when indoors but exercise each day is a vital component to that calm nature. Mental stimulation is also very important. As the worlds 2nd most intelligent dog, it is crucial to challenge them to avoid problem behavior. Activities poodle enjoy: retrieving, learning new tricks, obedience trials, problem solving toys etc
  • Bree winning Top Jr in UKC. Fun for the entire family!
  • River is our mascot for a non traditional poodle look.
  • Daron and Insignia in the ring together